Walk In Tub vs. Walk In Shower: Which Upgrade Should You Choose?

Nov 27, 2019

We spend an average of 8.2 minutes bathing each day. That comes out to an estimated 6 months of bathing in a lifetime! When spending that much time in the bathroom, we deserve the bathroom of our dreams!

When you imagine your dream bathroom, is it designed with safety in mind? Perhaps with a walk in tub or walk in shower?

If not, you may want to rethink that. Around a quarter of a million Americans aged 15 and up are injured bathrooms each year. Over half of all accidental injuries occur in a shower or bathtub.

Read on for the pros and cons of a walk in tub vs. a walk in shower so that you can factor safety into your bathroom oasis!

Pros of a Walk In Tub

Walk in tubs are great for people with limited mobility or balance issues. One side of a walk in tub functions as a door, eliminating the need to step over the edge. The built-in seat makes it easy to sit comfortably and easy to rise out of the tub because your full body is not as low to the ground.

Walk in tubs are also helpful for people who have arthritis or chronic pain, as they are deeper than a standard tub and allow the bather to fully immerse themselves in water.

Cons of a Walk In Tub

When there is water in a walk in tub, the door must be completely secured. The bather must be in the tub the entire time it is filling and draining, which raises the concern of adjusting to temperatures that are far too hot or catching a chill.

Pros of a Walk In Shower

Walk in showers have either a low edge or none at all, reducing the risk of tripping while getting in and out. They are spacious enough to install seating if necessary and most walk in showers have non-slip flooring to keep your feet planted even when the floor is wet.

Some people prefer a walk in shower because the constant flow of freshwater makes it easier to complete tasks like washing their hair. Some also prefer a walk in shower because they can get in and out more quickly and they can use less water in the process.

Cons of a Walk In Shower

A walk in shower cannot double as a tub as many standard showers can. Unless you have an additional tub, you will not be able to enjoy the relaxing and physically soothing benefits of a bath.

Get an Estimate

Deciding between a walk in tub and a walk in shower comes down to your personal needs and desires. If sitting and soaking are what you prefer to refresh your mind and body, a walk in tub is the way to go. If you prefer to be in and out and love a constant stream of water, consider a walk in shower for your bathroom remodel.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, contact us. We’ll answer any questions you have about our models and we’ll give you a free quote.