6 Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Jan 02, 2020

The bathroom in your home is a peaceful place where you can relax, get clean, and enjoy a little quiet solitude.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, thankfully, there are plenty of incredible bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that will transform this space without breaking the bank.

Read on for a list of six amazing remodel ideas you can try that won’t bust your budget or empty your wallet.

1. Replace Old Lighting with New Designs

Outdated lighting can make your bathroom look dingy and dark, and it’s also an eyesore. An easy way to remodel this space is to replace that old vanity-style lighting with new, modern designs. Most bathroom light fixtures are affordable, and you will likely only need one or two if you have a standard-sized bathroom.

2. Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget Includes a New Color Scheme

One easy way to update your bathroom is to simply change the current paint color to a trendy, updated hue. Make sure you use paint that’s water-resistant so that it won’t show stains or marks. Pick a color like light gray or a bold navy blue with a matte finish that will instantly transform your bathroom without costing a ton of money.

3. Freshen Up Your Linens

If you’ve had the same shower curtain and bath rugs for years, it’s probably time for an upgrade. This simple hack will give your bathroom a brand-new, fresh aesthetic and it won’t cost you much money or time. Swap out that old plaid shower curtain for one in a trendy pattern, and put down a coordinating bath rug set made of memory foam in a matching color for a sleek, cohesive look.

4. Install New Fixtures for an Instant Makeover

Any bathroom will look and feel more luxurious with some sleek, modern fixtures. Remove that old showerhead and faucet and replace them with contemporary versions in a trendy finish like bronze or matte black. This easy changeout is affordable and fairly simple to do, but consult a plumber if you’re in doubt about the installation process.

5. Consider Refacing Your Tub and Shower

Instead of replacing the entire bathtub and shower, try refacing to give it a fresh, beautiful look. The process of refacing is much less costly than removing and then installing new tubs and showers. You can try these bathroom remodel ideas on a budget to liven up a worn-out tub surface while making the entire bathroom look brand new again.

6. Say Goodbye to Your Old Vanity

The vanity and sink are the main focal point of any bathroom, so a new one can easily add an instant refresh to this space. If you don’t want to spend the money on a complete vanity and countertop, simply paint your old one in a new color and add new hardware. Add a fresh fixture to the sink, and you’ll have an instantly upgraded bathroom.

Bathroom Remodels Made Simple

Try one or all of these bathroom remodel ideas on a budget to give your bathing space a beautiful, clean look. Whether you paint the walls a different color or consider tub and shower refacing, any changes you make can turn the room into something new again.

If you’re looking for a complete bathroom remodel for your home, visit our website to learn more and contact us today for pricing and information.