Safety First: Pros and Cons of Walk-in Tubs for Seniors

Did you know that one in four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year? And, that every 11 seconds, a senior citizen is treated in the emergency room for a fall? Clearly, falling is a huge concern in the elderly population. If you're over the age of 65, or if you have a [...]
If your bathroom sports a moldy, carpeted floor, you might need a remodel. If your bathroom is lit by harsh fluorescent lights, you might need a remodel. And if your bathroom fixtures left the assembly line in 1982, you might need a remodel. The bathroom is arguably the most important room in your home. But [...]
When you buy a house, you often "inherit" the tastes of those that came before you. Maybe your bathroom is from a different decade and looks like it. Do you have tile in shade similar to something you would never ever choose for yourself, or your worst enemy? Some showers show their age. You can [...]
With the average bathroom remodel falling at around $10,000, it's no wonder that thinking about renovating one of the most-used rooms of your home can be a stressful experience. Despite this anxiety, it's crucial that you keep your bathroom up to date. Between water damage, worn flooring, and mysterious stains, it's a room where a lot [...]
The bathroom is one of the areas of your home where you can relax and reinvigorate. Nothing beats a nice bath after an exhausting day at work, after a long workout at the gym, or anytime you’re feeling the need to relax, destress, and enjoy some time alone. However, as years pass, this haven of [...]
The temperature is starting to drop, and if you’re from Minnesota, you know just how cold it can get. When winter comes, you have to prepare not only yourself but also your home. Specifically, you should take steps to get your bathroom ready for the brisk Minneapolis weather so that you can stay comfortable, warm, and prevent [...]
One of the most popular places where homeowners become inspired to renovate their bathroom décor is after a visit to a beautiful hotel or resort, and it’s not too hard to imagine why. Hotel bathrooms—especially upscale hotel or luxury resort properties, can be incredibly well-appointed, with décor designed by high-profile artists and interior designers. As one [...]
When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right team of professional bathroom contractors. While there are many home improvement projects you can attempt to DIY, bathroom remodeling contractors can do more than get the job done right. The following are just a few of the benefits you can [...]
At U.S. Bath Systems, we get that question a lot, but it isn’t one that can easily be answered because it depends on you! As the customer, you get the final say in what you get out of your bathroom remodel. Since we are so dedicated to your ultimate satisfaction, the following are just a [...]
Is your tub rusting? Shower dripping? Is the bath liner cracking? Or maybe you realized that the room is in desperate need of a makeover. Your bathroom should be a retreat, not an eyesore. From showers to bathtubs to a full bathroom remodel, the experts at US Bath Systems are here to help. We offer [...]