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Throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul, bath liners have been marketed as the best solution for an aging bathtub, as they’re generally quick to install, cost-effective, and relatively long-lasting. As bathroom renovation technology has advanced, however, bath liners are no longer the ideal option. In fact, at U.S. Bath Systems, we offer full bathtub replacement services that are similarly affordable yet much more durable, dependable, and customizable to you. When it’s time for a value-adding tub upgrade, contact our skillful Minneapolis-St. Paul bathroom remodelers first!

Benefits of a Replacement Bathtub vs. a Bath Liner

If you want a budget-friendly bathtub renovation, you may be tempted to settle for a bath liner due to the low cost—but the upfront price tag isn’t all that matters. You should also keep in mind the total cost of ownership, including cleaning requirements, repair needs, and more. Compared to cheap bath liners, a replacement bathtub from U.S. Bath Systems is guaranteed to offer a lifetime of value, including:

  • Durability: We source the absolute best bathroom products in the industry, focusing on quality materials that are proven to never crack, chip, peel, or deteriorate.
  • Easy Cleaning: Your new replacement tub will be infused with antimicrobial surface technology that makes it nearly impossible for mold, mildew, and other microbes to thrive.
  • Dependable Performance: Because our Minneapolis-St. Paul bathtub installers are factory-trained, you’re sure to end up with an expertly fitted tub. You’ll also have the dual protection of a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and our own craftsmanship guarantees.
  • Timeless Design: We’ll make sure your replacement tub adds elegance as well as functionality. With the help of our in-house interior designers, plumbers, and electricians, our bathtub installers can transform your space in any way you’d like.

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